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Transsnet Music Boomplay

Boomplay is Africa's largest streaming music service platform. It has more than 7 million original songs, mainly based on African native music, while providing mainstream music in Europe and America; In July 2019, it had more than 52 million users and 24 million monthly active users.

Transsnet Media Vskit

Vskit is a short video application focused on the African market. It has accumulated more than 10 million users since launched in 2018. It is currently the number one short video social platform in Africa. The vision of Vskit is to become a new and popular entertainment lifestyle for African people,providing happiness through the short videos. Vskit slogan: small video, more fun .

Transsnet MORE

MORE is the first social media platform focused on high-quality content sharing in African local market.Besides using AI technology to create personalized content feed for user,MORE also offers Tribe feature,which let user meet people all around Africa who share the same interest.